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Virtual Chronic Care Continuum (VC3)​

The Virtual Chronic Care Continuum (VC3)


Healthcare providers worldwide are facing burgeoning patient demand and associated costs that challenge the very financial stability of services to patients. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts the cost of managing chronic diseases will be 80% of total healthcare expenditure by 2020, with substantial and continuing growth in the numbers of patients with chronic disease.


For the first time in human history more people will die from preventable disease rather than contagious diseases. CIC can substantially improve healthcare to patients with chronic disease whilst substantially reducing the cost of provision.


The solution is literally in our hands, the development and penetration of mobile technology smartphones, tablets etc., progress in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and low cost wearable non-invasive devices to measure patients’ vital signs suggest a way forward in improving the management of chronic disease.

A system using these technologies would offer patients higher quality of care, greater convenience in their treatment, and minimising the likely occurrence of acute complications such as blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation whilst substantially reducing costs to providers.


Such a solution would involve much greater patient empowerment and is supported by the following:

“Perhaps the most underused person in healthcare is the patient” – Prof. David Cutler - Professor of Applied Economics at Harvard University – MIT Technology Review.


The current model of care for most nations’ healthcare delivery has changed little over the last half century, whilst advances in diagnoses, medical knowledge and health informatics and associated technologies have grown substantially.


The fortress structure of Acute (Hospitals), Primary Healthcare, Mental Health and Social Care is being transformed into a patient centric integrated care model. The Virtual Chronic Care Continuum (VC3) using remote vital signs monitoring and predictive algorithms to manage patients with chronic disease will significantly improve patient outcomes and quality of life whilst substantially reducing costs.


With the USA and Caribbean region spending currently US$348 billion per annum on diabetes, Europe US$156 billion and Western Pacific US$106 billion (WHO 2015), VC3 offers the opportunity to reduce the burden of cost by some 30%. It is therefore, even on a very conservative basis, possible to see a Return on Investment (RoI) of 30:1 over a five year period.


As the eco-system is enhanced to deal with additional chronic conditions such as COPD, Hypertension and Depression for example the RoI will be significantly further enhanced.


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