The Virtual Chronic Care Continuum (VC3)


With ageing populations and sedentary lifestyle chronic disease is a major challenge for healthcare providers. The cost of providing care in this domain is estimated to be 80% of the cost of providing healthcare by 2020 and is a growing demand.

CIC can substantially improve healthcare to patients with chronic disease whilst substantially reducing the cost of provision


Transformation & eHealth Strategy


With a transformational change and the use of technology in healthcare increasing and pressures to deliver high quality and improved services at reduced cost, CIC is able to assist healthcare providers to develop strategies to meet those challenges in a timely and cost effective manner


Programme & Project Management


The CIC team have considerable experience in undertaking large and complex programmes using PRINCE2 Methodology and Agile. Working with multi-disciplinary teams and complex governance structures at Ministerial and C-Level. Managing those programmes for the full system life-cycle 


Programme & Project Assurance


The CIC team have assisted many organisations who wish to have their programmes reviewed and assured or distressed programmes put back on track to meet organisational objectives.




Benefits Realisation


Harvesting the benefits of programmes is important in achieving the perceived outcomes at the programme initiation.

Ensuring that any additional benefits that may result are also delivered.


CIC has experience of multiple programmes where our skills and experience has assisted in realisation of the benefits of the change process.


ICT Infrastructure


In underpinning the transformation process there is usually a requirement for new or updated ICT infrastructure be it applications, hardware, data centres,  private cloud or security and information governance. CIC is well placed to assist in this domain.


Richard Marriott - Programme Director

For the last decade, Richard has been running a UK-based management consultancy specialising in business transformation and product development. He brings with him a wealth of experience, having successfully managed numerous high profile, complex, multi-disciplinary projects and programmes for clients in Telecoms, FMCG, Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Legal and Retail.

From inception to benefit realisation, he has delivered above and below the line marketing initiatives, product launches, re-branding exercises, managed the design, manufacture and installation of point of sale products and services and implemented a host of digital and social media changes.

Richard has also managed a variety of technological changes including; data centre and SharePoint migrations, call management, SMS, helpdesk and IVR system implementations, development of reporting and analytic tools, finance and forecasting systems, ERP development and card processing services.”​